The DUETS project, do you want to join it?

One of the aims of YOUPPIE is to promote educational projects developed by or aimed to young pancreatologists.

The Duets project, which is under development, aims to be a series of monographs addressing hot topics in pancreatology. Each chapter or article will be written by a YOUPPIE and a senior widely-recognized pancreatologist working in the same Department. We intend to start with a monograph entitled “Current management of Acute Pancreatitis”. We are exploring different ways to publish it, in the meanwhile we need you!

Do you want to apply to write a chapter/article reviewing  a topic in acute pancreatitis?

We want:

  • Young clinicians or basic scientist working on acute pancreatitis in a widely-recognized center in Europe. To have previous publications is important!
  • …aiming to write a review of an specific topic in acute pancreatitis, for example: Pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis (basic scientist), Current role of surgery in the management of acute pancreatitis…
  • That review would be written together with a senior well-recognized (in the field of acute pancreatitis) pancreatologist from your department


You can contact us, provide your name, email, center, the type of work and type of research in which you are involved,  main publications, topic you would like to review, and the name of the senior author from your Department.

Let´s sing together my friends!

Picture from Madison Pearce´s post on 60s Today

Published by

Enrique de-Madaria

Gastroenterologist. Department of Gastroenterology/Pancreatic Unit, Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, Spain. Clinical Research.

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