YOUPPIE activities in Bergen 2019

The Young European Pancreatologist Platform in Europe (YOUPPIE), the European Pancreatic Club (EPC) young (<45) talent group will have several interesting initiatives in the Bergen (Norway) 2019 EPC meeting

YOUPPIE-Hungarian Pancreatic Study group Symposium on Clinical Research: you will have the opportunity to share your collaborative project in a research symposium. If you want to join European projects on clinical research in pancreatic diseases, you must attend this symposium. If you are a young (<45) member of the EPC, apply for a YOUPPIE endorsement for your project and have the opportunity to present it in the symposium, send this form to our email

Breakfast with the mentor: Marco del Chiaro. Marco del Chiaro, founder of YOUPPIE, will gather with a group of YOUPPIEs to discuss tips and tricks for a successful research career. If you want to attend this special activity please register here. You must be a member of the EPC and <45 y/o

EPC 2019 YOUPPIE session: YOUPPIE award. If you are a brilliant researcher on pancreatic diseases, apply for the YOUPPIE award! Awardees will be the EPC candidates for the UEG rising star award

Published by

Enrique de-Madaria

Gastroenterologist. Department of Gastroenterology/Pancreatic Unit, Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, Spain. Clinical Research.

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